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2 ways our privacy obsession stands out

Visitor tracking in various forms has become standard practice anywhere you turn. For the most parts it’s done with good intentions to learn about visitors behavior in order to improve the user experience or market the right products. At ticketeer we don’t think the ends justify the means as we can’t guarantee the third party values privacy.

No remote scripts

As we do not monitor what information our users store in ticketeer, we’ll have to assume it’s all highly classified. To let a third party service collect user data from us would mean gambling with our integrity and the privacy of our users. That’s why we have a strict no remote scripts policy. That means no third party services are monitoring you while using our service. This in turn means that no data leaves ticketeer unless you choose to use any of our built in integrations.
If you activate any of the integrations that often means data will be exchanged between the systems. However we will still not include any third party scripts in order to communicate. More importantly – the data exchange will then be made on your terms and not ours or a third party.

No cookies, no problems!

Further more we also don’t use any cookies to identify you. We do not have anything against cookies per se, cookies are a great way to build user focused functionality. However cookies have been exploited by the advertising industry to the point where laws have been made to enforce transparent use of them. So to keep things simple for us and to put your mind at ease we’ve decided not to use cookies at all.

What personal information do we store?

We store as little information about you as we possibly can. We do need you e-mail address to identify you as a user in our system. Other personal data is entirely optional and we encourage you to be restrictive with what you share. For example your name and profile picture is only used to help your co-workers identify you in the board. Consider only using your first name or a nickname as your user name. Your profile picture does not have to be a picture of you – it could be anything – your co-workers will quickly learn that what ever picture you choose represents you.

Will my e-mail address be shared with third parties or used for marketing?

Your e-mail address will never be shared with third parties or used for marketing. We will only e-mail you when signing up, in case you need to reset your password or when you get invited to a new board. If you want to get ticketeer related marketing and news we recommend you visit this blog or follow us on LinkedIn.

How do we get to know you without invading your privacy?

We believe communication is the way to progress rather than relying on hearsay from third parties. Since we don’t use third party software to optimize, we rely solely on user feedback. In the dashboard you will find the “Talk to us” form. Please use it to tell us what you think is good, bad or what features you’d like to see implemented. You can also get in touch with us on LinkedIn or; if you want to request a feature, send a task right into our development board that’s using our user requested mail integration at

So next time you use ticketeer – don’t hesitate to send us some feedback!