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Waste no time tracking time in Harvest when using ticketeer

Ticketeer strives to make task and project management a breeze through a great user experience. Harvest has succeeded in doing the same for time reporting and invoicing. Needless to say we’ve grown very fond of Harvest and that’s why we provide a direct integration that syncs times reported in ticketeer to Harvest.

For this you need a Harvest account, you can start a free trial by signing up here.
You will also need to have a project with some basic tasks set up in Harvest before moving on.

Our integration works on a per board and user basis meaning each user will need to set up the integration for the specific board they want to track.

To set up your integration – start by navigating to the board you want to set up the integration for. Then find the Integrations option in the board menu to the upper right.

In the integrations dialogue – find the Harvest option and hit the Settings button. You will now be met with a new dialogue.

Link your Harvest account

If this is the first time setting up a Harvest integration in ticketeer you will need to link your Harvest and ticketeer accounts. Just hit the “Link account” button and you will be taken to Harvest where you; after logging in, will be asked to either “Authorize application” or “Deny” – consider you options then hit authorize to proceed.

You should now be taken back to ticketeer. If for some reason you’re not taken directly to the Harvest integration dialogue – navigate through the board, back into that dialogue.

Configure the integration

In the Harvest integration dialogue you should now be able to select your Harvest account (in case you have many), what project the board should represent and what task you want to log your time on. When logging time, ticketeer will also add the task name and ID as a note in Harvest.

When you’re done, don’t forget to hit “Update settings” to save your configuration. Now you’re all set!

Test and verify

To make sure it all works – enter the board, open up a task and log some time to it.

Then switch to Harvest and verify the same amount of time has been logged to the date you selected. Now go back to ticketeer and remove that entry, then head back to Harvest and verify the time is no longer there.

Need help?

If you get stuck or things don’t work as described – please don’t hesitate to contact us using the feedback form in the dashboard. Don’t use Harvest? Ticketeer also integrates to a bunch of other platforms with the help of Zapier.