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We just added integrations for more than 3000 awesome apps

In our quest for a great user experience we’re trying not to clutter and complicate our interface. Adding lots of niche functionality eventually makes the interface overwhelming and the functionality hard to find. But that in turn means we can’t always offer the functionality each of our users want, which is also not good. That’s where our integrations come in!

By integrating to other great services, we can focus on what ticketeer does best and communicate with other platforms that do what they do best.

While we do have a couple of native integrations built in (the Mail inbox for example), they are time consuming to develop and maintain and only cover a fraction of our users needs. That’s why we’ve partnered up with the integration engine Zapier to build one integration that connects ticketeer to over 3000 other platforms. And the best part is, anyone can set up and automate integrations with Zapier.

Want your Philips Hue lamp to turn red when a task is assigned to you? Normally that would take a skilled developer hours to build. Now anyone can make that happen in minutes! Maybe a more useful case would be to get a message in Slack when a new task is added? That’s just as simple! To illustrate this we’ve made a short video showing the entire process for this case.

Start building your own integrations

Try it out for yourself by creating a free account at and search for ticketeer when building your zaps. Then head over to ticketeer to watch the magic happen!
We will add new events and triggers from ticketeer as time goes – let us know if you’re interested in anything in particular!