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Setting up a mail integration for your board

Our mail integration lets you assign a mail address to your board. Allowing anyone with that address to submit tasks by mail. This is a great way to collect feedback from a larger client base without having to invite them all into the board.

Setting this up should only take a minute

  1. Create a new divider inside your board by clicking the “+” icon at the top of each column.
    The add task dialogue will now show. Click the toggle to the left, this will make it so that a divider is created instead of a task. We recommend naming the divider something like “Inbox –” (where x is the prefix you later enter in step 4) so you can easily see and remember what mail address the board has.
    All tasks created from the mail integration will later end up right under this divider.
  2. Navigate to the board menu in the top menu and select Integrations, find the mail integration and go to the settings.
  3. In the select divider drop down – find and select the divider you just created.
  4. In the mail address field- come up with a board specific prefix to the mail address for the board.
  5. Hit update settings and you’re done! Now any mail sent to that address will end up as tasks under the selected divider in the board.

Here’s how the different parts of the mail map to the task

  • The mail subject becomes the task name
  • The mail body becomes the task description
  • Any images pasted into the mail body end up as attachments in the task
  • Any attachments to the mail end up as attachments in the task

Note: Try to keep the total size of all attachments to a minimum as too large mails might get rejected resulting in the task not being created.

Now go try it out for yourself!